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Healthy Bods for a Holy God


Our First Official “Bod for God” Blog!


I welcome you to our first official Bod for God Blog.  (I hope you like the new logo) The full title of this new health ministry is “A Healthy Bod for a Holy God.” The purpose of this blog will be to encourage each of us as we seek to get our health in a place that honors the Lord. For this first blog, I would like to tell you a little bit about my story. You will also receive other people’s insights, suggestions, guidance, recipes, and encouragement in general as we try to get our bods healthy for God.  Here’s my story….

I was sitting in the doctor’s office when she asked me, “What do preachers do?”  It seemed like a strange question at the time. The point she was trying to make is that my life has too much stress, eating out way too much, and bluntly, I am not taking care of my body.  Most of you know that I battle a neuromuscular disease called myasthenia gravis. Most of you know that I have a pacemaker due to cardiomyopathy. Obviously, I’m not the healthiest person at South Reno Baptist Church. The point was made that if I wanted to live a long life, I had to make some drastic changes.  (She was actually very pointed in her comments but, I’ll save you the play-by-play…LOL!)  Anyway, you get the point.

When faced with an issue of longevity, I had the first element needed for a person to make change. I call it An Epiphany. There comes a place and time in everyone’s life where they make a life-changing decision. My decision about health and diet happened in a doctor’s office. Somehow, someway, someplace, you will have to have an epiphany about your health. Until you come to the place where you say, I want to change, you probably won’t. This diet – way of life, will be just like all the rest. You will start with victory but end in failure.  Make up your mind—do you want a “bod for God?”

The second thing that I needed was Accountability. On the first Sunday of this year, I stated my full intention to the church and even weighed myself in both services…pretty bold, I think?  I weighed in on the church scales at a whopping 257 pounds. (Thankfully, that was lighter than my home scale of 264 pounds.)  Either way, it’s the heaviest I’ve ever weighed. Boy, do I have accountability?  On March 3, I will weigh again in front of the entire congregation. 

The final ingredient to success is Encouragement.  This morning, my wife noticed me looking in the mirror as I was getting ready for church.  She said, “Joe, you look great. You are doing so good on your diet. You are doing this…we get to grow old together!”  It truly made my day.  It’s was just what I needed.  The purpose of this blog is to create community for those of us who are trying to live a new and healthy lifestyle. We will need each other. We will learn from each other. We will make it together. Welcome to the official bod for God blog. May our greatest and thinnest days be before us.

PS: Some of you have asked what plan I am doing. Mine is a little complicated because of my health concerns I am doing the whole 30 diet for two months, then a short period of fasting, and then a modified version of the Paleolithic diet. It is sometimes called the caveman diet. More on all this later. Once you develop your plan, share it with me so I’ll know how to pray for you. If you would like the team praying, I will make that happen as well. Again, be assured of my most fervent prayer for each of us.

~Pastor Joe